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G’day, I’m Ben. Over the past 10 years I’ve been called a few different things (nothing too nasty, I promise) – a designer, an illustrator, animator, an editor, a content creator... the list goes on. That’s because I’ve partnered my 2D animation/illustration background with the world of advertising/branding to create some effective, niche work on both sides of the Tasman and a full-pipeline skillset. And now, after working in places like Flux – one of New Zealand's leading animation studios and Soap – one of Sydney's most loved digital agencies (voted top three years in a row), I'm extending my services straight to you.

So, what are you doing? Can I help?

Helping people, brands and agencies be better is my jam, and I'm flexible on making my commitment to your requirements long term, short term or screamingly-one-hour-blitz.

Whether it's art direction and image creation, illustration and storyboarding, animation and motion, video compositing and editing, you'll find in me a damn near compulsion to improve things where I can. I always have an eye for that opportunity to give more, and am genuinely excited about doing what I can to make a project shine. All studio team environments and solo commissions are welcome, so get in touch and we'll chat about what you're after, and how I can add the x-factor.



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